March 8, 2014 Annual Meeting

Eagle Crest Annual HOA Homeowner Meeting Minutes


Board Members Present:    Members Absent:    Location: Price Chopper Mtg Room
Daryl Evers                                  Kris Illum                                           K-10 and Woodland
Sally Firnhaber                           Michelle Campbell                            9:00am                        
Steve Sanders                        

I. Welcome to Homeowners – Daryl

II. Board Changes
  • Daryl reviewed Board changes and announce Board members and positions held:
Daryl Evers
Michelle Campbell
Vice President/Pool Chairman
Steve Sanders
Sally Firnhaber
Kris Illum
At large member


  • No names submitted for Board member candidacy
  • With no names submitted for candidacy, no election to be held.
  • Current Board members whose term is over agreed to extend their HOA Board service an additional term. 
III.  Update on Lots
  • 69 lots owned
  • Daryl shared he was c\contacted regarding potential for putting ranch on a a remaining double lot : he referred caller to Olathe City planner
  • Daryl reported he has contacted the city regarding unfinished/abandoned build under the power lines on the cul-de-sac. – No response yet.
  • Daryl summarized property sales activity in Eagle Crest over past year.
IV. Pool
  • Daryl reviewed major expenses for 2013 season.
    • Highlighted $11,000 cost for pool re-surfacing project
    • Daryl explained to homeowners that we were able to pay for pool repairs from operating account without having to tap into reserve account
      • Delayed 2013 contribution to reserve fund to cover repairs
      • Transferred $5,000 to Reserve Account Spring 2014 
  • Pool Committee up and running

    • Representatives from both Eagle Crest and Raven Crest as per bylaws
    • Michelle Campbell is committee chairman
IV.  Five Year Plan
  • Daryl reviewed 5 year plan:
    • Pool Project list : estimate $47,000

      • Fence Repair
      • Pool Cover Replacement (estimated $5-$6K)
      • Canopy over baby pool for shade
      • Security/surveillance camera system
      • Parking lot repair
      • Vent pump house door
      • Landscaping Project list: estimate $12,600
V.  Financial Overview
  • Steve presented handout of financial summary January 2013- December 2013
  • Highlighted the following:

    • Raven Crest dues up – likely attributed to better Board Organization and increase in homes built
    • Overall dues collected up $9,000 TPY
    • Major Pool repair done from operating fund – Reserve fund not utilized
    • Invested in replacement of aging pool furniture
    • Landscaping: replaced trees and over seeded
 VI.  2014 Calendar of Events
March 1, 2014 – Due Date for HOA Dues
March 8, 2014 – Annual HOA Homeowner meeting
May 3, 2014 – Spring Work Day
May 23, 2014 – Pool Open for occupancy
June 5-7, 2014 – Neighborhood Garage Sale
July 4, 2014 – Eagle Crest/Raven Crest 4th of July Parade
TBD – Movie Night @ Pool
September 1, 2014 – pool closing
TBD – Eagle Crest/Raven Crest Fall Festival
TBD – Fall Work Day
VII.  Open Discussion   


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