March 2015 Board Meeting

Eagle Crest HOA Meeting Minutes  3/25/15

Members Present:                                           MembersAbsent:                                         

Daryl Evers               Kris Illum

Sally Firnhaber           Steve Sanders

I.  Call to order

  • Minutes from previous meeting  reviewed and approved with noted changes 
  • Treasurer Report

Reviewed 2015 YTD financial summary (1-1-15 through 3-24-15)

  • Reserve account balance: $ 31,239.26
  • Checking account balance: $11,356.61
  • HOA Dues were due March 1, 2015
  • No increase from previous year: $436.00
    • Eagle Crest Revenue HOA dues $20,861.00 collected YTD
    • 45 of 68 homes current in dues payment for 2015
    • LOT 53 New build – occupied -HOA pro-rated dues collected for 2015
    • Dues Collection slightly ahead to PY – Plan to send friendly reminder in April letter to homeowners regarding 2015 dues.
  • Steve filed Annual Financial report online 3/14/15
  • Applied for 2015 Pool permit ($330.00) and anticipates it will arrive soon.
  • Steve contacted AT&T and Deffenbaugh and requested phone and trash service start on 5/15/15.
  • Steve reported we were billed for trash over the winter months in error and he has been in discussions with Deffenbaugh and a credit is expected to correct the error.
  • Backflow application sent to Jeff with Perfection Lawn on 3/14/15 – backflow testing requirement due by 6-4-15.
  • Overall expenses up approximately $4,00 to PY primarily due to down payment on parking lot repair.
  • Motion made to approve financial statements and payments as presented
  • Motion passed


  • Financial information available upon request from homeowner
      • Written requests via e-mail or letter are preferred
  • Pool
    • Plan to RE-Key pool as per every 2 year cycle. Daryl will contact vendor and request completion by May 1, 2015.
    • Deferred discussion regarding distribution of keys to homeowners until April Meeting.
    • Discussed concern regarding cars parking in pool parking lot.
      • Discussed options to deter due to unnecessary wear and tear on asphalt as well as unsightly to homeowners
        • Signs regarding restricted parking
        • Poles with link chain across entrance?
      • Parking intended for pool use only during pool season.
  • IV.       Property Maintenance
    • Spring pruning, mulching and first fertilizer application completed.
    • Spring Work Day: date TBD
      • Will plan to plant front flower beds – no additional work plan due to limited participation from homeowners.
      • Kris will purchase flowers for front bed from her annual plant sale as in previous years.
      • Need to address additional dead trees. Plan to bid out additional property maintenance needs incrementally as needed.
      • Deer have been gnawing on trees on north green space.
    • Pool Committee – no response from Eagle Crest 2014 pool committee members
      • No activity from pool committee currently
    • Pool scheduled to open 5/21/15 (last day of school)
      • Scheduled to remain open through Labor Day
    • Parking lot repair and resurfacing project in progress
    • Discued moving forward with purchase of Pergola from Sam’s Club as a solution to provide much needed shade over the baby pool – approx. $900.00 with tax. Expense approved in previous years, but delayed due to unexpected repairs, or lack of inventory (past season).
    • Daryl and Steve will go to look at pergola currently at Sam’s Club and look into delivery and install compared to DYI cost.
    • Jim with Select Pool will evaluate condition of pool cover at time of pool opening and advise if it will last an additional winter or if replacement is necessary. Cover is showing significant wear.
    • Took place on 2/21/15 at 9:00am – Price Chopper Meeting room K-10 and Woodland
  • Annual Meeting
    • 2 homeowners present
    • Agenda:
      • Daryl recapped year
      • Steve to reviewed financials
      • Provided copies of 2014 HOA financial summary
      • Open homeowner discussion and questions included questions about new builds on lot 52 and 53 and square footage requirements.
      • Daryl reported he was in process of getting proof from builder of square footage meeting requirements
  • No names submitted for candidacy for Board elections.


  • Homeowner
  • No Special Requests
  • Lot 53 – New build now owner occupied.
  • Lot 52 – under construction.
    • Builder supplied proof that homes met square footage requirements as outlined in HOA covenants
    • No further action required
  • Letters to Homeowners
  • Plan to send follow-up letter to homeowners in April 2015
  • Include friendly reminders
  • Calendar of Events
  • Pool Key information
  • Reminder of Dues to those homeowners who are not current.
  • Upcoming Calendar Events

2/21/15- Annual HOA Meeting

 3/1/15 – HOA Dues due

  •    5/21/15 – Pool Open
  •   6/4-6/15 – Neighborhood Garage Sale
  •   7/4/15 – Annual 4th of July Parade (E.C./R.C.)
  •   7/27/15 – Movie Night at the Pool
  •   9/7/15 – Pool closes
  • Annual Fall Festival (E.C./R.C.) – TBD (Sept./Oct)

      5 Year Strategic Plan

  • Reviewed 5 year strategic plan
  • Action item to Board Members to review and bring suggestions for next meeting. 


  • Pergola – arrange purchase and installation prior to pool opening (Daryl/Steve)
  • Re-key pool. Purchase 170 keys total (Daryl)
  • Contact Raven Crest Treasurer regarding pool keys and dues (Daryl?)
  • Research Poles and Chain barrier for pool parking lot (Sally)
  • Letter to homeowners (Daryl)
  • Reserve Fire Truck for 4th of July event (Kris)
  • Purchase Flowers for front bed/schedule planting day (Kris)


  • Next Board Meeting: 4/16/15 7:30pm
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