February 2014 Board Meeting

Eagle Crest HOA Meeting Minutes


Members Present:                                         Members Absent:                                         
Daryl Evers                                                        Kris Illum                             
Sally Firnhaber                                  
Steve Sanders
Michelle Campbell     
I. Call to order
  • Minutes from previous meeting  reviewed and approved with noted changes
II.  Treasurer Report
  • Reviewed Financial Summary 01/01/13 through 2/19/14 – No significant activity
  • Reserve account balance: $ 21,201.72
  • Checking account balance: $4,925.56
  • HOA Dues:
    • 18 checks received to date
    • Total dues received $7,848
  • Received application for pool permit: $317.00
  • Motion made to move balance of $5,000 from checking account to reserve account in accordance with HOA Board financial plan to build reserve account to 1 year operating expenses.
              • √ Motion passed
  • Motion made to approve financial statements and payments as presented
              • √  Motion passed
o Financial information available upon request from homeowner
o Written requests via e-mail or letter are preferred\
III.  Pool
  • Michelle reported she and Daryl met with  Pool Committee met 1/28/14
    • Pool Committee met again on  2/10/14 with Michelle
  • Committee was tasked to get bids on the following:
    • Fence Repair
    • Pool Cover
    • Canopy over baby pool for shade
    • Security/surveillance camera system
    • Parking lot repair 
  • Fence Bid presented
    • Burge Fence Company
    • $435.00 to repair broken post
    • Need additional bid to replace gate springs
  • Pool Cover Bid – deferred until cover removed – Caren Chambers is working on Bid
  • Shade Cover for baby pool – Bids pending
  • Parking lot repairs
    • Discussed “divots” in asphalt
    • Pool committee researching bids for “Band-Aid repairs” vs. full resurfacing
  • Discussed additional needs:
    • Vents in pool house door
    • Paper towel rack in men’s restroom – Daryl will purchase paper towel rack and center pull paper towels at Sam’s Club.
  • Pool Service Agreement: Daryl presented Select Pool Agreement for 2014 pool season
    • Motion to approve 2014 Pool Service Agreement with Select Pool

√Motion passed

IV. Property Maintenance
  • Daryl reported Fairway Lawn and Landscape has been sold to “Perfection Lawn and Landscape, LLC”
    • Darren Haggerty is still with the new company and will remain our contact for service needs.
    • Bid for 2014 is lower due to multiple other jobs in surrounding area.
    • Bid also includes Back Flow testing
    • Perfection Lawn also able to service irrigation system as needed.
  • Motion to approve Perfection Lawn and Landscape bid for 2014 Lawn Maintenance Agreement (mowing): $6,456.30

√Motion passed

  • Motion to approve additional services to include mulching, aeration, pruning, trimming, etc. at a cost of $4,561.68

√Motion passed

  • Spring Work Day: Scheduled for May 3, 2014 
IV.  Annual Board Elections
  • No response received to date in response to letter sent to homeowners asking for candidates for HOA Board positions
  • Deadline for submitting name for candidacy: March 1, 2014
  • Will plan to send follow-up letter to homeowners after annual meeting 
V.  Annual Meeting for Homeowners
  • Scheduled for March 8, 2014 at 9:00am – Price Chopper meeting room
  • Will post sign at neighborhood entrance with meeting information on March 2, 2014
  • Agenda:
    • Daryl will recap year
    • Steve to review financials

      • Steve will bring copies of 2013 HOA financial summary for distribution to homeowners in attendance.
      • Open to homeowner discussion and questions
 VI. Special Requests
  • No Special Requests
 VII.  Letters to Homeowners
  • Plan to send follow-up letter to homeowners in April
  • Also need to draft “New Homeowner Letter” to have available for any new homeowners at time of move in.

Next Meeting:   4/7/14 7:00pm (No Board Meeting in March due to Annual Meeting)


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