Street Signs, Lights, and Trees

Who do I contact for issues about street lights?

All street light concerns can be reported through the City of Olathe by calling 913-971-8513 or email streetlights@olatheks.org. If the street light is owned by KCPL or Westar we will forward the report.

It is important to include the following information when reporting a streetlight problem:
1) the residential address that the street light is located in front of and
2) the identification number on the pole.

Who do I call about issues with street signs?
If a STOP sign is down, please call 971-5170 immediately with the following information:
1) name of the intersecting streets and
2) which direction of travel the stop sign was located in (i.e. northbound).

Who is responsible for trees along the side of the road?
Even though the trees were planted as part of the development of our community, the individual home owners are responsible for the trees planted in their yard.


Minimum age requirement of guest using the pool with out adult supervision?
State law posted at the pool is 14 years of age.

Where to get pool keys?
Any board member has keys to issue with paid HOA dues. Additional keys available for $5.

Property Changes

Wanting to make changes to home, yard, fencing, basket ball goals, ets.?
Complete “Request for Exception” form located on website.  Special Request Form 5-13

HOA Dues

When are HOA dues due?
Dues are by March 1st each year and are currently $436.00 annually.
Make payable to:
Eagle Crest HOA
c/o Steve Sanders
19622 W 105th Street
Olathe, KS 66061

Where does the money go? Can I get a financial statement?
All dues are used for maintenance of the community as well as to build a reserve for future major expenses. Anyone homeowner in Eagle Crest can get a financial statement simply by contacting anyone on the Board of Directors.


Where can I get a copy of the HOA Declaration or Covenant?
Are available on the Eagle Crest HOA website. click here

How can I get a phone directory of the homeowners?
Directories are available on request from the Board of Directors. The directory is update in the fall each year.

How are Eagle Crest and Raven Crest tied together?
Actually, they are not, the pool is the only connection the two developments have. Raven Crest pays Eagle Crest a portion of the pool operation every year. It’s built into their HOA dues.

How often do you hold neighborhood meetings?
Minimum of once per year there is an annual meeting held.

Board Members

Who are the Board Members?
Kris Illum, Steve Sanders, Sally Firnhaber, Matt Scheidenhelm, Jill Dines,                           and Daryl Evers.

How long do board members serve?
The board rotates members every two years, 2 members in one cycle and 3 members the following year’s cycle. Board members can repeat and are not limited to one term.


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